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Pre and post-vacation cleanse tips

Colon Hygiene Institute advice on pre and post vacation cleanse Las VegasYou are going on vacation and probably want to look your best. Maybe you even want to slim down, so that the swimsuit will fit and look fabulous. You will then, most likely, enjoy the local cuisine wherever you are headed, and when you return, you will want to drop that extra weight you picked up while on vacation. Colon Hygiene Institute offers some pre- and post-vacation cleanse tips before leaving Las Vegas.

The Pre Cleanse
How much time you have to work on your pre-vacation body will determine the program you will need to help you get rid of that extra bloat right before departing. There are different ways to reduce water retention, bloating and swelling. Juicing and fasting are the two most extreme – and most effective – ways. However, if not done properly, you can create more problems than you bargained for, so make sure you are not putting your health in jeopardy. There are other methods that are not so extreme. Regardless, you need to cut out the obvious culprits like alcohol, sugar, processed foods, sodas, etc. Make sure to hydrate with good ol’ H2O. If you are not going to juice or fast, just eat lean and clean – lots of raw fruits and veggies and lean meat.
Something you may not have thought of is colon hydrotherapy. Your colon can literally be storing around ten extra pounds of fecal matter. Colon hydrotherapy will help you slim down, too.

The Post Cleanse
Eating out is fabulous and necessary when on vacation, but you tend to consume more calories and sodium than when you eat at home. While away, if you can splurge one meal a day and stay healthy the other two, you will do your body a favor. After being home for 2 to 3 days, you may want to cleanse to rid your body of whatever needs to go. This will also help you get back into your healthy routine. Try drinking your meals for 2 or 3 days with fresh-squeezed juices or smoothies. Cleansing is a quick and easy way to get back on track. Scheduling another colon hydrotherapy will also help you get rid of the excess.

If you have any questions about making sure you are cleansing the healthy way, or maybe you need some products to help boost the cleansing process prior to or post vacation, contact Colon Hygiene Institute for some cleansing advice. Colon Hygiene Institute can help you come up with a perfect cleansing plan to rid yourself of that bloat and water retention prior to departing Las Vegas. Contact us today at 702-870-0704.