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LifeWave X39® Stem Cell Activation Patch

There’s nothing out there like X39®. Watch this:

Duane a massage therapist from Wyoming has been on the X39 for 2 months:

  • Jaw pain – after X39 – Pain went down by more than 60% to only 30%!
  • More Energy and quicker recovery!
  • Duane’s wife works in OBGYN 14 straight 12 hr shifts. After X39 – More Energy!

Noy a Natural healer from Clearwater Florida has been on X39 6 months:

  • Noy, does intense yoga – after X39- More Energy and quicker recovery!
  • A 74 year old client cut himself- after X39 – cut closed up in just two days! With pictures.

Jody from Florida:

  • Jody had torn meniscus in her knee – After X39 and ice wave- no more pain!
  • Softer skin and less wrinkles!
  • Jody’s husband has a torn rotator cuff- After X39 and ice wave- No more pain!