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What is Pulsing ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)?

The Sedona Wellness Pro Pad Magnetic Field Therapy System involves the stimulation of our body’s cells using variable frequencies and waveforms to promote a natural healing process. In the frequency range of 0.5 to 7 Hertz, the magnetic field prepares your body to relax and sleep. From 8 to 14 Hertz it encourages a feeling of well being. Using our professional products at higher frequencies (up to 14999 Hz), it reduces pain and promotes your body to perform extraordinary achievements.

Like electricity, magnetism is continuously maintained in our body by the presence of potassium, sodium and chlorine ions, and other magnetic materials. Pulsed electromagnetic fields has been shown to regenerate the cells of body organs, nerves, muscles and other tissues that produce a bio-magnetic field.

PEMF therapy can help:

  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Increase oxygen supply to cells
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Facilitates detoxification of the body
  • Allows for a better absorption of nutrients
  • Aligns your brainwaves for a better sleep

As most disease seems to go back to a reduced functioning of the metabolism and circulation system, scientists have often stated that magnetic field therapy is a basic requirement for any healing process. Pain is a message from our body.The tissue cries out for energy flow, in the form of magnetic fields. In general, it can be stated that magnetic field therapy supports the metabolism and increases blood circulation throughout the whole body.

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